Navigating Values

January 7, 2020
by Gabriel De Guzman 2 minute read

Workshop Summary

Knowing our values is important because how we express them aligns our actions with the essence of who we are.

The demands of life rarely give us the opportunity to explore and define our values. Instead, our values such as family, success and health become defined for us by external pressures.

When that happens, we lose sight of who we are and we end up pursuing things that leave us feeling like something is still missing. Even, and especially, when we’re pursuing our aspirations and goals in life.

By defining our own values and understanding how we can express them in our everyday moments, we take hold of what gives us a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

In doing so, possibilities for understanding, taking action, and effecting change allow us to experience a deeper sense of motivation and fulfillment as we strive to achieve our aspirations and goals.

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What to Expect

Navigating values involves discussion, immersive activities, and ideas that will challenge you to engage with who you are.

Below is a breakdown of what will happen during the workshop:


Part 1: Why work with values?

Here we’ll briefly explore goal setting, why it’s not the complete picture and how values are the missing piece that fosters meaning and purpose.

Part 2: Discovering & exploring my values

There are two sections in this part. First you’ll engage with, and rediscover, your values in a fresh and new way. Second, you'll be challenged with how these values have been expressed in different areas of your life and how you might want to express them in your future.

Part 3: Application: Navigating values in our lives

We bring it all together by applying your values to goals you have in different areas of your life. By critically looking at how goals and values interact in our lives, we’ll learn how to use them together to foster more motivation and fulfillment as we work towards achieving our goals.

Closing the session, feedback and evaluation.

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