We believe that everyone who visits us come with everything they need in order to move towards the lives they want to lead.
A little support can help us get there.

Welcome to our workshops

Here you'll find a preview of the current workshop available and those that will follow later on in the year.
They share an insight and knowledge from science and most importantly, from people's lived experiences.

These workshops will equip you with ways to enrich your well being through insightful and practical tools and provide support through the community of people walking through similar journeys.

These workshops are:
  • Insightful - Based on research and lived experiences
  • Experiential - You won't be sitting down the entire time: be prepared to move around and learn on your feet!
  • Challenging - We'll work in a safe, non-judgmental space but there may be times where you will be stretched outside your comfort zone. It's all part of growing and building on ourselves but don't worry - we're here to support and encourage you in that.
  • Welcoming - We love people and connecting with others and we are looking forward to meeting you.

Check out the featured Workshop below to learn more and get in touch now.


Grit: The roots of Gratitude

Gratitude runs much deeper than thankfulness. Join us as we take a closer look at what happens to us and around us during the toughest times in our lives. Because when we do, we discover strength and resolve. We find just how deep grit runs in ourselves.

1 minute read